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Home Studio Basics Pt. 1 - Computers & DAWS

Everyday more and more people are embarking on their own musical journey. What’s even better is they want to do it at home. The home studio was become a staple in modern music not because of its ease, but because of its effectiveness. A lot of good music is coming out of home studios now and it’s great. What’s the dilemma? Knowing where to start. The music world can seem intimidating with all the equipment they want to sell you and getting caught in spending money for things you don’t need can happen fast. That’s why I’m going to try to help you figure it all out (and more importantly save money), so you can start writing and recording in no time.   1. Computer – The absolute first thing you’ll need to start your home studio is a computer. Why? This will be your hub for all things music. You’ll record, edit, maybe even produce and mix if that’s what you do, and post your songs all from here. There’s an ongoing debate between laptops and desktops, and even more so over PC vs Mac, but honestly it doesn’t matter. Use whatever it is that you’re comfortable using and in fact for the most part whatever you use daily, for YouTube, or typing up papers should be just fine. People can debate specs all day, if you do decide to buy a new computer all I recommend is that you try to get as much ram as your budget allows. Ram helps your computer do multiple things simultaneously without getting hung up or slowing down your system. That way you can run a recording session with multiple tracks (if you have a band), mix with different plug ins, or produce with all your sound libraries and still keep everything running smoothly. Many computers ship with 4 GB of ram and that should do a basic job, but if you can afford more definitely invest if possible.2. DAW – The program or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you use is very important. It’s literally your entire studio in a box. This is where all the recording and mixing and things we spoke on earlier will take place. Now there are TONS of them out there so the question becomes; how do you choose? Well it kind of plays off number 1. Most Daws are cross platform (they can be used on both PC’s and Macs), but some are native to one and not the other. Logic for example, is only available for Macs so some decisions are made for you. Other than that majority do the same things just differently, the only way to find the one for you is to try them out, not read a million forum posts. They all offer free demos, so download them and try them out, see which flows better for you and which just do not work at all. Everyone is different so take your time, because you want to make sure you’re working in something that’s comfortable to you and is easy to navigate. Depending on your specific needs one may be more appealing than another so go see what makes sense to you.Those 2 things should get you started on the right track and headed in the right direction of making some dope music.